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About Sarah

"Life is full of wonder and magic, but it's up to us to seek it out. Curiosity and awe are the keys to unlocking the beauty of the world around us. Don't settle for the default, design your life to be full of wonder and amazement."

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Sarah Pirie-Nally's Bio

Short Bio

Sarah is best described as an unstoppable force. Her trailblazing career is truly an entrepreneurial, innovative masterclass.  Her recent 'Stewardship Expedition' to Antarctica with Husband Steve and a group of incredible leaders was nothing short of inspirational.


Whether Sarah is hanging out with her family of 5 wonderful children, traveling the world leading groups focused on sustainability and cultural immersion, authoring her first book, podcasting, presenting, mentoring, consulting or simply planting trees at home, she is committed to making the world a better place—one epic design at a time.

Long Bio

Meet Sarah Pirie-Nally Founder and CEO of She Evolves, she is on a mission to inspire transformational change and help individuals design better lives for themselves and future generations. Her journey began with an unexpected double decade in corporate Australia, where she emerged as a passionate advocate for innovation and design. She has had a Trailblazing Career: Her corporate experience led her to the roles of Strategic Resource and Portfolio Management, Head of Innovation, Head of Change and Chief Design Officer, where she found my calling in innovation and design. This accidental decade opened her eyes to the incredible power of the human mind. ‍ ‍


Business Woman: But she's more than just a corporate professional. she is also a serial entrepreneur driven by her commitment to innovation and creativity. She has co-founded a series of remarkable events and communities, including: ‍ ‍'Wired for Wonder': Australia's most innovative event series. 'Nurture Her': A business retreat dedicated to nurturing female leadership. 'Sienna Baby': A baby shoe business that combines style and function. 'Wonder and Wander': An Innovation and Design Agency. 'Island in a Box': A Destination Event Production business. ‍


Harnessing the Power of Design: Her expertise covers various areas, including design leadership, change innovation, creative direction, experience design, appreciative inquiry, coaching, lean/six sigma, neuropsychology, behavioural science and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). She was the subject matter author who wrote the MBA Design Thinking: Develop and Deliver for RMIT University and contributed to the Post Graduate in Human Potential for the Digital Economy with AcademyEX

She is deeply committed to using innovative design to drive sustainable change and empower human potential. ‍


Unlocking the Wonder Mindset: Her mission is clear: she wants to help people unlock their wonder mindset. By doing so, she believes we can become more productive, efficient, happy, conscious, engaged, and creative in all aspects of life. At the heart of her work, she weaves the golden thread of opening minds for transformational change. Her vision extends beyond the present, aiming to create a better future for us all and the generations to come. J


oin her on this journey to harness the power of the mind, drive innovation, and shape a world where wonder and creativity flourish.


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